Do Comfortable Tights and Comfortable Pantyhose Really Exist?

I know what you're thinking. Comfortable tights probably seem like a myth to you at this point. Maybe you've tried some really soft tights and pantyhose, but the squeezing around the waist and hips still make them unbearable. I've been there. But they aren't a myth, you just have to know where to look.   [...]

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Beauty and Self Confidence Quotes

So many women look at themselves and don't see beauty. Whether that's because of societal ideals or something inside that's preventing self worth from surfacing, having confidence and acknowledging beauty should be the ultimate goal. Here are 10 Beauty and Self Confidence Quotes to show you how beautiful you are, inside and out!   10 [...]

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Guest Blogger: How to Dress Like Royalty

Guest blogger Linda Kane from Style at Heart shares tips on how to dress like royalty in an affordable way. Top: Loft | Skirt: Forever21 | Sheer tights: Hipstik | Heels: Payless (SO comfy!)   Dress: Charming Charlie | Sheer tights: Hipstik | Heels: Payless | Cable link bracelet: The Styled Collection   Is it [...]

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Pantyhose Outfits Summer 2018

Taking a cue from summer runway trends, we take the season's styles to everyday wear, and tell you how to wear pantyhose with your summer outfits.   Pantyhose Outfits Summer 2018 Checks and Plaids Checks and plaids are usually reserved for winter, but this year it made an appearance on the runway for summer. Pair [...]

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How To Wear Tights In Summer

Some people enjoy wearing tights year-round, but pairing tights when the weather gets warm, should be done strategically to create a chic summer look. Here are some ways you can wear tights in summer:   How To Wear Tights In Summer During the summer: Opt for shorter, lightweight clothes to pair with your tights, whether [...]

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Prevent Runs In Tights…Here’s How

  Nothing is more frustrating than getting a new pair of tights or hosiery and then immediately getting a run. Here are some tips on how to prevent runs in tights. Some are tried and true methods, and others I'm going off of the advice of others. Still, anything's worth a try if it'll prolong [...]

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