Caring for your Hipstik Tights

by LAURA MCGUIRE on March 21, 2017

One thing I wish I could change is how sensitive my skin is, but lucky for me, there are options! One of my many requirements with clothing is that it must feel good which is why I love my Hipstik tights. They are so soft, sit low, and do not have the ghastly control top that almost all tights have. Who can even stand to wear that stuff? Yay for no stomach squeezing!

The low down on tights: High denier (which is 40 or more) means durable, thick, and opaque. Hipstiks are made of microfiber in 97 deniers which make them super soft and strong!

Just like caring for yourself, caring for your clothing is important, too! Follow these easy instructions for Happy Hipstiks.

For HAPPY results:

  • hand wash* your Hipstiks separately using cold water and a mild detergent such as Seventh Generation / Biokleen Free & Clear / Tide Free & Gentle
  • hang dry
  • if your silicone stik strip loses some of its stickiness, use rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth to clean the strip

* If you prefer, you can use the washing machine instead of hand washing: place one pair of Hipstiks in a delicate wash bag and use the delicate/hand wash machine setting or equivalent.

Caring for your Hipstiks

For UNHAPPY results:
(don’t do this or your Hipstiks will no longer be happy and neither will you):

  • throw your Hipstiks directly into the washing machine with all your towels and put in a ton of non-mild detergent and chlorine bleach
  • use the heavy duty cycle
  • put them in the dryer on high heat
  • follow up with ironing