Comfort As Easy As… Riding A Bike in Hipstik Tights

by LAURA MCGUIRE on September 26, 2017

It’s unfortunate that I rarely take my own bike out for treks because of the worry and hassle of locking it up, getting stranded with a flat tire or getting caught in a rainstorm. I live nearby a college campus and while walking one day, I stumbled upon a yellow LimeBike. It was simply “kickstanded” on a sidewalk and I was surprised no one had run off with it! Come to find out, LimeBike is a bike sharing program; you find a bike by looking at the map on the app, unlock it by scanning the QR code on the bike, and off you go! When you’re finished riding, you press down on the red lever and the bike locks, ready for the next rider. It’s not available in all cities yet (letdown), but hopefully more in time.

Even if you do not have LimeBike in your city, shake off the worries like I had - any old bike will make for a joyous ride this fall! I prefer the “Sunday drive” kind, peddling on a local park’s paved biking path. I had the most fun biking and enjoying the sunshine and crisp, incoming fall air in my comfortable Hipstik tights paired with shorts - the perfect transition-to-fall biking outfit! I even rode home with a cherry pie! The possibility of wearing tights on a bike ride had never crossed my mind until Hipstik’s stay-up, no squeeze comfort came along. Ching ching!

Please be safe and wear a helmet.

Outfit details: Hipstik opaque tights in brown, now on Clearance!