Halloween Costume Tights You'll Love Wearing

by LAURA MCGUIRE on October 16, 2019

No Dig or Roll on Halloween

A perfectly planned costume has the right color tights with comfort to last all night!

1 quick hour = actually comfy tights in any color!

Learn how easy it is to dye Hipstik tights here.

We've rounded up real photos of the clever and actually comfortable (hallelujah!) costumes for compliments! (No need to fear... no sexy pizza slices here.) Whether you're handing out candy at the front door (one piece for you, one piece for me), or headed to a posh party, accomplish all these costume ideas last minute! If you're someone who likes options, also visit Rit's website for more costumes to dye for!


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Let's Get Physical!

DIY Purple Tights

The 80's was workin' it! This easy home video fitness era costume will have you channeling Olivia Newton-John. Hipstik's new DIY Tights Color Kit in Eggplant Purple is perfection as the base. We promise that our DIY tights dying process will not make you sweat! Any one-piece swimsuit or leotard works. Add sneakers, leg warmers, and scrunchies to complete the look. Bonus points for neon colors! Pictured is Jamie Rose from Atlanta. More of her own outfits here.

Peter Pan

DIY Green Tights

Hipstik's new DIY Tights Color Kit in Hunter Green is on point for this costume. We promise that you'll fly through our tights dying process and end up with absolutely comfortable tights all-night-long vs. buying the suffocating kind. Shop your closet for a green T-Shirt you can bare to do alterations to, brown shoestrings (for the neckline), belt, shorts, and boots. Cut green felt, add a feather, and shape into a small hat. Bonus points for flying with Tinker Bell! We found this costume on Lidia's blog you can visit here for her snappy costume directions. 

Mary Poppins

Black Tights

It's a safe bet you already own everything to put together this iconic costume. Button up white blouse, black skirt, black Hipstik Tights right out of the box, black high heels, umbrella, and tapestry bag. Cut a red ribbon from your craft supplies and glue silk flowers to a black hat. A Goodwill run can certainly fill in any gaps. See, that was as easy as... Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!


Morton Salt Girl

White Tights

Shake it up! Olivia @baublestobubbles brings us this adorable costume you can pull together with Hipstik's ready-to-wear white tights. Take liberties with what you already have in your closet: yellow dress or yellow top+skirt pairing, black shoes, and any umbrella. To complete your look, pick up a container of Morton's at your grocery store – if you encounter Hocus Pocus' Sanderson sisters on Halloween night, you've got your own salt circle for protection! ;)


Which Witch

Easily the easiest classic costume. Grab a broom! A black or lacy dress you already own is the perfect base for a Witch in whichever way you want to style her – click to shop classy, alluring, scary, wacky, vintage....

Classy: Black Sheers or Gray Tights 
Alluring: Nude Sheers in your tone
Scary: Red Wine DIY Tights
Wacky: White Tights
Vintage: Brown DIY Tights



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