Spring 2018 Business Outfit Trends for All Body Types

What’s in this spring when it comes to business outfit trends? Get the low down and find out which body types will most benefit from certain looks.


pink blazer, spring business outfit trends, business outfits

Spring business outfit trend: Pink blazers and white pants

Brighten Your Blazers.

Lavender and pinks are in this spring. Choose a colorful blazer instead of a boring black one.


Belts Are In.

Belts are a great go-to for outerwear or flowy tops. If you have an hourglass shape, belts will accentuate your figure and small waist. Belts are also great for those who carry weight around their middles but have slim lower bodies.



Asymmetrical and Square Necklines.

Work wear doesn’t have to be boring. Grab those asymmetrical necklines to pair under your jackets. Interesting necklines are great for pear-shaped figures to bring attention upward.


Trench It Up.

Trenches are in this spring. Pair your trenches with light dresses and florals for contrast. Apple-shaped figures will benefit from knee-length trench styles that cinch at the waist.


business fashion floral print, business outfit trends, work wear

Spring business outfit trend: floral prints and belts


Floral Prints.

This spring is all about those pretty florals. If you’re petite, make sure to choose smaller floral prints, whereas larger figures can wear larger prints.


Cropped Jackets.

Cropped jackets are great for hour glass figures, to show off small waists. Pairing hard outwear with soft flowing dresses will couple beauty and edge nicely.


Shirt Dresses.

Shirt dresses are great for lots of shapes. Rectangle bodies can get away with unfitted shirt dresses. Apple figures will love shirt dresses cinched at the waist.


Embrace the White.

White may be hard to keep clean, but white suits are striking and will make you stand out from the crowd.



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