What should I wear to a wedding?

You get a wedding invitation in the mail and plan on replying ‘joyfully accepts,’ but then all is not well and consider ‘regretfully declines’ as you think: I do not know what to wear!

I struggle with what to wear on a daily basis even with a sea of clothing in my closet, but picking out wedding attire has never been easier! Whether the wedding is formal or semi-casual, a not-overly-ornate silk or silk-like dress will look perfectly in place (choose cotton for casual). If during the fall or winter months, consider a pashmina opposed to a cardigan for a formal wedding. Heels look smart for indoor weddings and ballet flats or wedges work best for grassy, outdoor weddings. During any season, your Hipstik Sheers will make your amazing legs even more amazing!

Anything you’d add to this list? What are your wedding guest essentials?

  1. A silk or silk-like dress with fun print like the Pintuck Shift Dressfrom the Banana Republic.
  2. A light-weight cardigan for cool evenings. Brooks Brothers Light Weight Cardigan
  3. For silky smooth legs, get comfortable in a pair of Hipstik Sheer Pantyhose
  4. As stylish as it is comfortable, The Telsa D’Orsay Pump from Sam Edelman is the perfect heel.
  5. Pick something easy and lightweight with room to stash your keys and phone. J. Crew Medium Pouch in metallic Italian leather
  6. Skip the busy body jewelry for pretty hair jewelry with this J. Crew Oval Barrette in brushed metal