Be stylish and comfortable in tights like the French

by LAURA MCGUIRE on February 13, 2017

It’s no surprise that the French are some of the most fashionable in the world. On a recent trip to France this winter, I noticed how put together all of the women are: stylish, but simple and understated. Nothing about how they looked felt overdone – it all seemed so right. As an American looking in, I want to feel this good, and for me, it starts with my outfit. I cannot even count the number of times an outfit has thrown off my day.

Things I saw in France: plenty of black, navy, white, and ecru. There were many boots, ballet flats, and black tights. Tights, tights, tights (and no, I do not mean leggings).

Back in the U.S., I could see how many of us value comfort (me included). While French women love their tights, Americans love their leggings. Enter Hipstik: tights that have the so comfortable* feel of leggings, but look so stylish (think French!) on all women.


*So comfortable that you may even want to keep them on after the work day is over, take them for a spin on a non-work day (photo to prove you can play in these things), or even take a nap in them. They are just that good. With Hipstik, you can have it all: the ultra comfortable feel of leggings with the ultra style of tights.

You can play in these things:

While wearing my Hipstiks, I jumped around, took a walk on a trail, walked up a hill, sat in the grass. My favorite part? I felt très bon (very good) about myself and never once had to pull them back up!


Dress: Caron Callahan / tights: black Hipstik / ballet flats: See by Chloé


Customer Submission Photo: It's Zoe in Hipstik in Paris!