How To Find My Fit and Size In Hipstik

Watch this short video:

Body Shape + Height = Your Hipstik Size

Hipstik Body Shape Chart

Hipstik Sizing Chart

Then double check with our Pant Size Comparison:

Hipstik Pant Size Compare Chart

  • Hipstik comes in 7 Sizes (A-H), which includes Plus Size.
  • In the past, you've indeed picked the wrong size in other brands. Raise your hand 🤚 if you've sized up ⬆️ because you want to actually breathe wearing them? We've also heard from customers who'd buy maternity and plus size tights as a workaround. The majority of hosiery, even "plus size," still today is made in a tubular fashion, void of any consideration of our unique body shapes and curves.
  • Because Hipstik's lace band goes AROUND your natural shape (vs. a tubular style design that has nowhere to go but dastardly dig in) our design prevents tights from suffocating, rolling, muffin topping – banishing all pesky tights problems. 
  • This is where we realized we could truly be a game changer: our unique design + revolutionary body shape sizing. Our sizing-by-body-shape method is superior because it doesn’t matter how much you weigh - what matters is the combination of your height (for the leg length) and the shape of the hips on YOUR body (for the lace band). It matters where you carry your curves.
  • Why do we say double check with the pant size compare chart? We were surprised to find that many women don't know their true body shape. Did you know that the Hourglass body shape is the least common? We aren't very forgiving of ourselves, or we want what we don't have, like my step-daughter who complains about her curly hair for straight; I have to remind her often that women would pay good money for her curls! Our pant size compare is a quick final step in helping make sure you're not leading yourself into the incorrect size after years of misleading hosiery charts.
  • Lots of our customers share feedback in the sizing – I welcome you to check out reviews here. By the way, they're totally unairbrushed.
  • If you're still wondering how our design could actually work, check out our myth busting here. 
  • And if you're wondering why we don't have a Hipstik size F, that was intentional.
  • Inspired about body shape sizing? Check out our blog post on why manufacturers should start sizing by body shape. 
  • 63% of women reported that they want more help and advice from retailers when shopping to fit their size and shape. We're here for you! We love to help women with Hipstik sizing and do it everyday. We've gotten really good at it. In fact, we have a less than 1% return rate, which means, women have their perfect fit the first time – and we're happy to help you achieve this. Email us today at
  • Got a question – the immediate answer might be right here on our FAQ page.

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