How to Style Black Leggings: 6 Stylish Ways Already in Your Closet

What is the most comfortable women's clothing? Leggings have soared in popularity among women of all ages. But all leggings are not created equal. We're happily living in a time where comfort is sought after and style is anything you want it to be. But taking a moment (which you're well on your way just checking out this blog post!) to dress well gives you confidence and that's absolutely key in communication. Your outward appearance communicates a lot about you in just a few seconds flat, without even a single word spoken. Clothes reveal personality. Dress matters.

What does this have to do with leggings? Some leggings fall into the category of yoga pants and ready when you're ready for squat goals at the gym, but truly silly out otherwise. Read our open letter about the athleisure trend here. Some leggings are – let's be honest – downright careless looking and should be relegated to rainy days where you Netflix & chill in the comfort of your home. 

Leggings are not pants. Leggings require modest attention in coverage of your front and back side. So how you style leggings is important. We've got all the easy tips right here using items you already own in the depths of your closet:


Leggings Outfit Ideas

Let's start here: Black leggings are THE BEST at coverage, looking smart on all ages, all body shapes, and all year long. Since black as a foundational item works with basically everything, so many options in your closet turn into a stylish leggings outfit.


Dressy Occasions: 

How to wear leggings with a dress at any age? 

footless tights can substitute for leggingsDresses make leggings outfits for work or special occasions, like a friend's birthday dinner, super easy. Less to pick out of the closet! For leggings outfits over 50, or truly any age including teens, dresses hide the backside, banishing the visible pantyline problem that occurs in leggings. This is exactly why simply a top doesn't do it with leggings! Tracie here is in a flowy dress – a cut that fits any body shape. This gauze fabric dress is light and airy with a ruffle detail at the bottom to steer attention away from the midsection. Pair with kitten heel booties this fall with just a tiny bit of ankle showing and you've got a head-turning dressed-to-impress look in leggings! 


black footless tights by HipstikOther dressy outfit ideas for leggings? The shoe is the key. High heels dress up any pair of leggings anyday. 


Casual Occasions

For casual occasions, like casual outfits for work on Casual Friday, it doesn't mean go sloppy. It just means you can have more fun! Many workplaces have already moved to a more casual dress code which is great news for leggings outfits done right. 

how to style black leggingsLinda wore a leggings outfit on Take Your Dog to Work Day in June. She chose a super soft and comfortable ruffle sleeve patterned dress paired with easy-wear Hipstik Footless legwear in black. These footless leggings are microfiber with Spandex which means they are breezier. Colorful accessories like earrings and bangle bracelets add her pop of personality. Reach for what you already have; there's no rules that say you have to go one-tone with your accessories.   

how to style black leggings - print dressAnother style women love with leggings is the tunic. It's long enough to give you the coverage confidence. Cassidy is wearing a button down tunic top cinched at the waist with a small belt. Lace up combat boots with the pop of pattern sock make this look relaxed yet still with thoughtful details to highlight Cassidy's personal style. 



footless tights work as leggings with print dressSpring and summer is a great time of year to pull off footless leggings with tunic tops. Add a frolicsomeness (yes, this is a word LOL!) wedge sandal and show off your latest pedicure. 


hipstik black footless tightsDenim is always a great idea with black leggings. It looks good on everyone. Black and blue together are birds of a feather. A flat shoe, like ballet flats, is the best for running errands.



A case for tights leggings vs. leggings:

Leggings and tights leggings (or footless tights) are very similar in that they are skin-tight garments that cover the legs. Leggings are much thicker which means they could be warmer. The downside is that since they're thicker, they can get awkward and bulky paired with dresses and in most cases impossible with skirts with the waistband of the skirt on top of the waistband of the leggings. The thickness adds bulk to your overall midsection and leg and doesn't highlight you.

Tights have a sheer factor (this is the denier – the higher the denier, the thicker they will be). Because of this, the leg is more contoured. It presents clean lines on your body and dresses up your overall look. The only downside is that tights truly are a foundational piece and require a skirt or dress for coverage, but leggings aren't pants either!

Hipstik Legwear's design proves that comfort and style do not have to be mutually exclusive. Hipstik combines the love factor and movement-ability of a comfortable pair of leggings with the styled up look of a pair of hosiery. If you're new to hosiery, start with a pair of opaque Black Footless Tights or Plus Size Footless Tights at 97 denier. 


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