Sheer Pantyhose With Low Rise Comfort Waist

Four Nude Colors

Hipstik Legwear's sheer pantyhose come in four nude colors to suit a variety of skin tones: Light, Medium, Caramel, and Coffee. Selecting a color is much like selecting makeup foundation. You want your legs to look natural and not too different than other skin showing, like your arms. If you want to give yourself a natural tan or glow, go one shade darker than your tone.

Sheer Pantyhose Hipstik Lace Top

Our Sizing is Revolutionary

We started with the standard U.S. apparel size chart (as most do) but didn’t end it there (as most do). Hipstik sizing is based on a woman’s unique shape, especially her hips and tummy, and not just the number on a tag. We offer seven sizes – up to woman's pant size 24.

Hipstik body shape measurements

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