Black Hipstik tights with Navy DressOne of my favorite color combinations is black and navy. I have always heard “no!” to these two colors together but never listened. Regardless, I say there are no rules and there never were! Play by your own ideas and wear what makes you feel best. I like dresses and a pair of Hipstik™ tights for any occasion including while working with children (you can play in Hipstiks!). Mostly all in black and navy, of course. Take it from Zooey Deschanel: “I am a year round tights girl. I will wear tights even if it’s 100 degrees outside. Tights are my safety blanket.” Zooey, we Hipstik-ers agree!

I asked some wonderful women in my life how they like to wear their Hipstik tights:

AR – “I preach in Hipstiks!”DM – “I love my

DM – “I love my Hipstiks! I have enjoyed them on cool mornings this winter. So comfortable!

JO – “I usually struggle finding something that is comfortable yet dressy and professional for an eight hour + day taking wedding photos. In the past, I have turned to regular tights thinking I could just handle them slowly descending through the day or having them cut into my waist because I did not know there was a better option. Since trying Hipstiks, I am able to effortlessly grab the perfect shot of my clients’ first kiss or bend down to capture the flower girl walking down the aisle without having to worry about any outfit mishaps. The no-slip lace waist gives me the flexibility I need and the comfort I want without sacrificing the look I know I have to have. I feel professional and comfortable all day long and I absolutely love it!”

LM – “I wear Hipstik tights to work with dresses mostly and sometimes skirts and shorts.”NM – “I teach elementary art and love wearing my

NM – “I teach elementary art and love wearing my Hipstiks to school with jean skirts and dresses.

JH – “I wear my Hipstiks with a dress and booties while shopping and running errands. They are comfy enough to wear at home and sleep in, too. My baby and I napped together while I was wearing them.

CM – “With skirts and dresses and with or without boots. I love how Hipstiks look and feel good!”

CS – “I am six feet tall and Hipstiks fit me perfectly. They are my go-to tights for school.”

No matter how you wear your Hipstiks, be true to yourself and you will always look and feel great. I would love to hear how you style your Hipstik tights.

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