6 Myths About Hipstik’s Low Rise Tights

by LAURA MCGUIRE on November 15, 2018
Hipstik vs Other Pantyhose

By the time I had the idea come to me for the Hipstik design, I’d tried my fair share of so-called “low rise” tights. I’d become quite the skeptic, which actually helped me to create the best pair possible. Let my experience debunk what you may be thinking. And actually trying Hipstiks for yourself will change your mind about tights forever…. They’re just not so “tight” anymore!

    1. I’ve Tried Low Rise Tights Before and They Suck: Yes they do. I have tried them all, too. Most so-called low-rise tights are just the same design the industry has been doing forever with just less material in the torso. That isn’t good enough. When you do this it creates a low-riding squeezing ring (which I’d say is actually worse than having the control top up to your bra… at least that stays up) and is inevitably going to roll.
    2. I’ll Have Plumber’s Crack: Low-rise doesn’t mean low-slung. Hipstik is meant to sit under your belly button to free your midsection from tormenting squeezing and overheating suffocation of traditional control top. The lace band is stretchy to move with you, even when you squat. I tested Hipstik with teachers who are constantly squatting to their little ones. The waistband gives and stretches for coverage, backside and all.
    3. Did You Really Fix Sagging?: Our silicone stik strip is partly how we got our name. The strip is like magic, clinging to your skin and doing its job so that they stay in place on your hips. This same technology is used by celebrities to keep their bra in place on the red carpet and as traction on your fuzzy Christmas socks. What it also does is prevent the hip band from rolling in on itself.
    4. They’re More Expensive: Hey, I get it. I’m a bargain shopper myself. I assure you that we’re putting forth the best possible price for you. Here’s the deal. It’s an awesome product that is different than the other same ol' tights coming down the line sitting as the store brand at your favorite retailer. We are using high-quality materials in our product to make them the most comfortable. We’re a new company… we’re scrappy with no expense accounts or season passes for box seats. We absolutely did not want to make this product in China. Companies cut costs by manufacturing overseas, and when they do that, they take away jobs from skilled Americans.
    5. I’ve Worn Plenty of Itchy Pairs: How soft Hipstiks feel is typically the first thing I’ll hear from customers - before they even try them on. I was incredibly specific with our manufacturer that I wanted the hand-feel to be just as comfortable as the design. I am someone who takes the tags out of her clothes… I can feel a tiny hair in my bra. Noticeable softness is important. I’ve had women say they “pet” their Hipstik sheers and can’t keep their hands off their legs in them. I hope you experience this like they have!
    6. I Won’t Pick The Right Size: In the past, you have indeed picked the wrong size in other brands - because they’re all made just too darn small, and that goes for plus size hosiery, too. Our sizing-by-body-shape method is superior because it doesn’t matter how many pounds you are - what matters is the combination of your height (for leg length) and the shape of the hips on YOUR body (for the lace band). Our size chart is true to who you are. Check out our blog post on how to choose your perfect size in Hipstik tights.

Got any more questions? I am glad to be your answer girl!