Pantyhose Outfits Summer 2018

Taking a cue from summer runway trends, we take the season's styles to everyday wear and tell you how to wear pantyhose with your summer outfits.

Pantyhose Outfits Summer 2018

Checks and Plaids

Checks and plaids are usually reserved for winter, but this year it made an appearance on the runway for summer. Pair a checked dress or skirt with nude pantyhose or sheer black tights. 

Suit Shorts

For work attire, pair suit shorts with opaque tights or sheer nude pantyhose.


Pastels and Floral Dresses

Think light and airy when it comes to summer dresses. Pastels and florals return this summer. Pair pastels with nude sheer pantyhose, or if you have a floral print dress with a black base, you can pair it with sheer black hosiery.

Bold Primary Colors

In contrast to the pastels and florals, this summer is all about bold primary colors. Reds, yellows and blues will make a standout impression. Pair bright skirts, dresses or rompers with sheer nude tights.


The runway loves fringe. It moves well and gives texture to any outfit. Try experimenting with it. Pair your fringe with sheer black pantyhose or black opaques.

Sheer Black Pantyhose

Sheer black pantyhose are everywhere in Europe this summer, often paired with casual wear.

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