3 Ways to Wear Boots with Tights

The combination of tights and boots is one of the most versatile outfit options you can have in your wardrobe. Tights and boots pair together for work, for travel and even for a fun night out. Wearing boots with tights gives you instant insulation from bad weather outdoors and also from freezing air-conditioning indoors. A boots-and-tights combination also provides protection for your legs and feet against unpredictable walking conditions whether in the form of puddles, construction zones, brambles, dust, mud or other urban hazards. Best of all, boots and tights together always give a chic, modern look, no matter what style of outfit you choose. 

Boho Style

Headed out on vacation or to a music festival and know that you'll be doing a lot of walking? There's nothing more comfortable than wearing a pair of comfortable boots, some well-fitting tights, like Hipstik, and a loose skirt or dress. Boho-style skirts and dresses are easy to wear for a day of sightseeing or band-watching, and they can move easily into an evening biergarten or party plans. Wearing comfy tights and boots with your boho skirt means you'll be fashionably ready for whatever adventures are in store for you that day.

The Mod Look

The gogo boots and mini skirt style of the 1960s never left when it comes to party and club fashion. Nothing will make you feel more ready to hit the cocktail lounge or the nightclub than a pair of tights with some sleek, short boots and a miniskirt or dressy shorts. Feeling gutsy? You can even add motorcycle boots and a leather jacket for some added go-girl vibes.

Office Look

Boots and tights don't have to make a flashy statement; you can also do a boot and tights look for the office that will keep you feeling snug, comfortable and business-ready. Just choose a chic A-line skirt, pair it with clean and polished leather riding boots (a four inch or lower heel for agility) and neutral-colored sheer legs from Hipstik and you're ready for your to-do list at the office. Even better, add a cashmere cardigan with fun buttons to nip the night chill, and the already-comfortable outfit will segue perfectly into evening drinks and dinner with the client, friends or the hubby - no outfit change necessary!

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