5 Ways to Wear Black Pantyhose for a Dressy Evening Look

Black Sheer Pantyhose with Boots

Wondering how to take seasonal looks from day to night? Fashion and style continuously evolves but foundation garments should remain in the forefront. Wear sheer black pantyhose to ramp up your nights out. Black sheers are a timeless classic adding radiance and elegance to any outfit, any body shape, and any skin tone. 

5 Ways to Wear Black Sheer Pantyhose for a Dressy Evening Look:

Black Sheer Pantyhose for a Dressy Look

  1. A little black dress. You may be asking, what color hose to wear with a black dress? Black sheers dress up black dresses, giving them a wow factor. It's the go-to choice for black dresses. 
  2. Black nylons aren’t just reserved for black dresses. In fact, they look stunning with royal blue. Pair your blues with black without fear.
  3. And while you’re considering the blues in your closet let’s look at the style of the skirt. Short skirts with high waists are great to pair with hosiery. You can immediately take a high-waisted short skirt from day to night by keeping a pair of black pantyhose tucked in your purse until it’s go-time.
  4. Black pantyhose aren’t just for skirts and dresses, pair them with shorts. Turn a day look to a night look when pairing black sheer hosiery with dressy shorts and instantly dress them up. Leather shorts, shorts with some sparkle, velvety shorts, anything with some texture, all can go from cool day-time wear to a night out on the town.
  5. Speaking of sparkle, whether it’s a dress or shorts with sparkle, black nylons are going to complete your standout look. You'll often see celebrities on the red carpet with a short sparkling dress and black hosiery. There's a reason for it. Black pantyhose go great with sparkle.

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