7 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Man's Style this Summer

7 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Man's Style this Summer

Men are much more comfortable in baggy pants and faded jeans, as much as women would like them to dress up. The challenge is getting them to upgrade their wardrobe or polish their look, much less doing so without offending them. After all, you may lose him if you throw out half the clothes in his closet. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help him dress better. Here are 7 easy ways to upgrade your man’s style this summer.

Go Shopping Together for Him

A good first step is going shopping with him when he needs to buy clothes. He’s there to try it on and give his opinion, but you’re there to help him choose more stylish options. Restrict the visit to the men’s department and set a time limit. This will prevent him from getting bored and rejecting your next offer to go clothes shopping with him. When you’re giving feedback, make positive comments regarding the items you like rather than criticizing the similar items he already owns.

Give Him Clothes for Special Occasions

If you want him to wear that fancy dress shirt and khaki pants, give it to him for a special occasion like his birthday or for Christmas. Then it is a gift, not an imposition. Furthermore, he’s more likely to wear it when it is tied to a gift giving occasion than if you just bought it and stuck it in the closet. If he hates shopping in general, then go shopping for him and gift it to him in a nice box. Just make sure you’re matching his personality rather than your preferences if you want him to wear it afterward.

Invite Him to Upscale Events

One way to get a man to buy new, stylish clothes is to invite him to an event that requires it. This could be anything from dinner at a fancy restaurant to tickets to the local art gallery. He won’t be able to wear jeans and a T-shirt.

Help Him Clean Up

Don’t purge his closet without his permission, unless you want him to be angry with you. However, you can help him clean out his closet. This can even be done as part of a general spring cleaning. Give him advice regarding what items you think should go. You could incentivize it by having a plan to donate it to charity or selling it at a garage sale. He’ll also be more willing to get rid of a few old items if you’ve recently bought him a few new ones.

Focus on getting rid of clothes that don’t fit, whether they’re too big or too small. A basic pair of pants with a polo shirt that fit will look better than a poorly fitted suit. If he’s muscular, avoid clothes that add extra volume or tight fitted clothing that makes the muscles stand out too much. Slim-fit clothes that aren’t skin-tight and fitted suits are good choices.

Keep his wardrobe basic so there is less that can go wrong. Use three solid-color pieces to create a polished outfit for work. Blue and black jackets and pants combined with a white button-down shirt can go almost anywhere. He can dress it up with a tie and cuff links if necessary. If he likes layers, choose neutral-colored pieces to layer any way he wants. Adding a neutral jacket over an open button-down shirt and neutral undershirt works well for almost any occasion.

Give Him the Experience of Getting a Fitted Suit

They say that a good suit makes the man, and most men know they need at least one suit for special occasions like job interviews and weddings. Consider arranging for him to be fitted for a tailored suit. He won’t have to try on 50 suits to find the right one, because it will be made just for him. If you’re paying for it, he’ll appreciate the gift. Furthermore, a well-made suit will last for years.

Pay Attention to the Little Details

A lot of guys have a nice suit or professional outfits that fall short. The reason isn’t the style, color or brand, but the lack of little details that take the outfit to the next level. You could gift him things like cuff links and pocket squares that are essential finishing touches, or you could find a great pair of shoes that actually go with his suit. Note that you can use rings and other items for a little flair, too. 

If you want these to really stand out, go for something upscale like Versace. This designer brands have all sorts of belts, rings, and bill folds that will elevate their style instantly. They also have different ties and scarves he could wear.

Praise Him When He Makes Good Choices

Give your man positive feedback so that you get more of what you want and what you want to see him in. On the other hand, you shouldn’t try to push him into dressing according to your summer style. Respect his preferences. Consider asking him why he likes to wear particular items, because they may have sentimental value to him.

There are numerous ways you can get your guy to upgrade his wardrobe and dress better. You simply need to use the right strategies.

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