Best Maternity Tights - What to Look For?

best maternity tights

The best maternity tights provide flexibility and comfort. They should be able to grow with you. Here's how to stay comfortable through the change of seasons.


Best Maternity Tights: What To Look For


No matter when you conceive, you’ll likely experience the change of three seasons and with that comes wardrobe changes. Achieving comfort in maternity wear for professional workwear, social events like weddings, and holiday festivities could be an Olympic sport. Dressing up already requires attention to detail and now you have a growing belly to accommodate. A pair of comfortable maternity tights can be your little secret to a great put-together style.

Pregnancy through the fall and winter months can be challenging. It’s chilly out there and you need to keep you and your bundle warm. Your dresses (best dress styles for pregnancy) that were fabulously freeing in the summertime can still be your comfort friend in the fall and winter by simply adding a pair of opaque tights to keep your legs warm. Effortless dressing that’s also fabulously frugal.

Often though tights brands can be constricting and unbearable, and this goes even for women who are not pregnant! How do you find an actually comfortable pair of tights that works to dress up an outfit in any season during pregnancy?

What To Look For: 

1. Look for a Wide and Stretchy Band for Comfort

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Extra room to accommodate your baby is a necessity. Hipstik’s unique stretchy lace top design delivers this promise of comfort. Relief from anything that squeezes (except hugs) is the goal!

Read more about the Hipstik design.

My sister wore Hipstik the morning before she gave birth to my niece that night. How many of us can say we wore tights on our birthing day!?  

2. Do You Like Your Fit Over the Belly or Slung Under the Belly?

    Most maternity tights are made just for the over the belly preference. Some of us don’t like to be suffocated in this style so we need a solution that actually works and stays put under the belly.Hipstik is made with a silicone strip inside the lace band to keep them in place all day long. And if you prefer a higher fit on the body, around your midsection, they can do that, too. Hipstik’s Footless Tights style is especially great for this as they are mid-rise on most bodies.


     3. Durability to Last You Through the Season 

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    You want softness and luxury but sometimes that doesn’t pair with durability. Look for a high opacity tight like Hipstik’s 97 deniers Classic Collection.

    These will afford you the durability to last, especially when it’s a bit trickier to bend down to put on legwear.


    4. Need a pair that’s not so toasty or too opaque to wear to a fancy function?

    Hipstik’s semi-opaques have a durability factor in between sheers and tights to give you a pretty sheen and dressy look on your legs while still maintaining a level of toughness against the rips, tears, and runs.

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    5. Crave Variety 

    You don’t have to just wear pants! Wrap dresses, maxi dresses, sweater dresses are all calling your name, mama! Check out these stylish mamas-to-be for outfit inspiration. Most maternity tights brands only come in the color black. That’s really no fun and honestly not fair. We’re already sacrificing Wine Wednesday and our favorite pair of jeans. Hipstik comes in black but also a variety of opacities and colors like navy, gray, white, nude shades, and even patterns with new ribbed tights. Why buy a maternity-specific black pair when comfort tights like Hipstik can last with you through all phases of womanhood.

      6. Find Your Size and Therefore Best Fit

         Hipstik uniquely sizes by body shape and height. This is a perfect equation for all women because shape-based sizing ultimately leads to a better fit. Find out more about how to size here.

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          Many women who contact me regarding their maternity size go up just one size in Hipstik during their pregnancy. They let me know that they enjoy wearing this size after their baby is born also. Click here to hear Jamie’s story about Hipstik’s fit after her second baby was born.

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