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Do Comfortable Tights and Pantyhose Really Exist?


I know what you're thinking. Comfortable tights probably seem like a myth to you at this point. Maybe you've tried some really soft tights and pantyhose, but the squeezing around the waist and hips still make them unbearable. I've been there. But they aren't a myth, you just have to know where to look. 

Comfortable Tights and Pantyhose DO Exist


Past are the days of corsets.

Most tights and pantyhose hike up way above your waistline, squeezing you into discomfort. A flat-looking tummy might sound appealing, but in reality, for those who aren’t a size zero, there’s going to be what I call a pinch line. I hated after I had my last baby how most tights and pantyhose would create a visible line. I didn’t even feel like I could wear them. To me, that wasn’t attractive, and I thought we were beyond the days of corsets anyway, finally in a time when we can embrace our bodies no matter their shape and size. For me, high-waist hosiery immediately got scratched off the list of comfortable tights and pantyhose. There’s no way I can lounge in high-waist hosiery, and I strip them off the second I get home.

True low-rise tights.

Not all low-rise tights are created equally. Most of them are just low-rise enough to squeeze and push in all the wrong places. That was until Hipstik revolutionized low-rise tights to be waistband free. If you look at the picture, you can see the difference. A lower squeeze versus resting on the hips.

Soft tights.

Putting on itchy, stiff tights is a nightmare. Tights and pantyhose should be soft and smooth. Hosiery with a high denier means comfort and durability. Look for high denier tights and pantyhose when looking for quality.

Filling the comfortable tights gap.

The ENTIRE reason founder Laura McGuire created Hipstik, was because she had tried every pair of tights she could find and never found a pair she could be comfortable in. You can read her story here. It all started out with slashing the top of her pantyhose at the office one day because she was so uncomfortable.

Hipstik was ranked #1 for pantyhose in a New York Magazine article by Alison Freer. Why? Because comfort and fit is everything. Read the New York Magazine article here.

Hipstik is the real deal when it comes to comfort and quality in hosiery. Sure, I blog for Hipstik now, so that makes me a little biased, but to be perfectly honest, I tried Hipstik tights LONG before that. In fact, I STILL have those first black opaque tights I bought a couple of years ago and I swear by them.

Comfortable tights and comfortable pantyhose DO exist. You just have to know where to look. You can browse Hipstik tights and pantyhose here.

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