How to Dress Like Royalty, Queens and Princesses

Guest blogger Linda Kane from Style at Heart shares tips on how to dress like royalty in an affordable way. 

Is it just me or is anyone else obsessed with the royal family? I mean, who doesn't want to look as classy and put together as Kate Middleton? I've found that you don't need a royal budget in order to dress the part - just a few great pieces in your wardrobe and some royal fashion rules to keep in mind.

How To Dress Like Royalty

Linda of Style At Heart

One rule that the queen strongly encourages is that both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle wear nude sheer tights (or pantyhose) when wearing a skirt or dress. While I do like the way a good pair makes my legs look, I have found that most are uncomfortable (whether its a waistband that digs in or scratchy/weak fabric). Enter Hipstik: the most comfortable and unique waistband I have ever tried and the silkiest fabric ever (see what I mean here)! I honestly never get that annoying feeling when I wear these and I forget that they're even there. The best part is that their sizing is based on your body shape, not just a size number. Finally, a brand who gets that our bodies are so diverse and celebrates that! It truly makes the fit perfectly tailored to you, and in turn leaves you both looking and feeling fabulous.


Another way to up the sleek and classy factor of your outfit is to match your shoe color to your hosiery. Kate almost always does this and its a great little trick to make your legs look longer too. It keeps the visual line of your legs going instead of the choppy look that a contrasting shoe color would give.

Find the right nude for you. Skin tone tights come in a variety of shades. The Royals know how to match their tone perfectly but they also use the trick of scaling the hue lighter or darker to achieve an overall appearance. For instance, Kate Middleton chooses a darker nude tight, almost like a tan in the summer, and we've seen her (and Meghan Markle, too) in a lighter nude with white or ivory outfits.

The Royals also have to be minimal and tasteful when it comes to jewelry and nails. It's no secret that Queen Elizabeth has strong feelings about nail polish and only approves of neutral colors (she will only wear Essie Ballet Slippers - Kate wears it too). They are also known to keep it tasteful and somewhat minimal with their jewelry, choosing simple accessories or one standout piece. AKA -  no layered necklaces or bracelet stacks. Typically, if Kate is wearing statement earrings, she will opt for no necklace or a small one to balance it out. Pearl or diamond studs are also classic options.

I hope this inspired you to channel your inner royal, try out some skin tone tights, and take your outfit to the next level. I am honored to partner with Hipstik to bring you this post and I would highly recommend using them to up your sleek factor!


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