Hipstik Feedback from Real Customers

Wondering what other women have experienced with Hipstik Legwear before you take the plunge into comfort? Check out these real quotes from real women - we thank every single one of them for sharing! (Some have been edited for length.) Have you tried Hipstik, too, and want to share your thoughts? We'd love to hear your feedback and pass it along to other women. Write a review here!

“I got my tights 😊  Tried them on last night and loved them. Excellent product!” - Laura V., NYC

“Seriously love these. I wore them all day long and they're just as comfortable as leggings!” - Holly L., Kentucky  

“They are so smooth and the comfort is awesome!!!! I wasn't sure what to expect when I first opened the package. I thought the lace might be itchy. No way! Super comfy, the right amount of thickness and the right color black. I really think u have created a winner!” - Cheryl T., North Carolina 

“Loved wearing them! And I hate tights!” - Meredith C., North Carolina 

“Just got my size Bs—they DEF fit me properly. LOVE! I’m mailing a ‘C’ to my sister in Texas who’s a total fashionista!” - Beth, North Carolina

“I received my tights and I wore them to church ⛪ on Sunday. I just love them. They feel like a glove 🧤. So soft and smooth. The lace around the hip is just beautiful. I love the packaging.” - Yana R., North Carolina 

"I'm in love with how soft they are! The quality feels so awesome and def feels like they're made with love! Also the very cool ornate elastic is lower for your comfort and sticks to your skin (hence the name @hipstiktights) 😍😍😍  " - Valeria S., California

“Hipstiks fit so amazingly. So we ended up having a fun photo shoot with multiple outfits 👗!” - Cassidy S., North Carolina

“I didn't think I would ever personally endorse a product, but ladies, you HAVE TO try out these new revolutionary designed tights called Hipstiks. They are BEYOND comfortable without the slightest discomfort of squeezing or rolling. The waistband stays put with a silicone "stick" strip. My scissors ✂️ won't be cutting into this waistband by the end of a work day. I LOVE them!” - Cindy, North Carolina

“I love love love love love ♥️ my Hipstik tights!!! The fit is perfect and they feel like slippers for my legs.” - Vivian L., North Carolina

“Hipstiks fit perfectly - soft and everything they claimed to be.” Gloria, North Carolina

"Got my first pair in the mail 📬 today, and wore them to work. Long, gushy story short: you have changed the game.... they're comfy enough to accommodate my super active theme park job. Thank you, thank you, thank you! - Jessica N., Florida

“I am very pleased with the product, wore them all day yesterday, very comfortable!” - Sandy C., North Carolina 

I got home from being out and was putting [my baby] down for a nap and I fell asleep in them. Can't remember the last time I took a nap in tights - normally I would have taken them off the minute I walked through the door LOL!” - Johanna H., North Carolina

“I feel like I don’t have to eat a salad 🥗 wearing Hipstiks.” - Martha N., North Carolina

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