Hipstik Tights - Origins: Part 3

Series brought to you by Elizabeth Robertson, guest blogger. In the final part of our three part mini-series, Laura and Jason, co-founders/wife-husband of Hipstik, get real (read: encourage us to put our dreams into action). If you haven't already, read origins part 1 and origins part 2.


What does a typical day look like for you?

Jason - Coffee, breakfast, and sitting at the table next to each other working it out.

Laura - We go very seamlessly between doing our own work, asking each other a question, talking about it, then back to our work. We are comfortable working together. That [marketing agency] is how we found each other!

What would you say to those with an idea?

Jason - It is not going to be easy. Spend time researching whether or not your idea has a place in the market.

Laura - A lot of people are going to tell you ‘no’.

Jason - It needs to be something people want. It cannot be another ‘me too’. You cannot be the next great pasta sauce if there are already a thousand on the shelf. Why would they buy you? You have to offer something completely innovative or new.

Laura - You have to know your product, too. Live and breathe the idea. You cannot fake it.

From brilliant idea, how do you become a successful entrepreneur?

Laura - You don’t wake up one day and say, ‘I want to be an entrepreneur.’ All along you have the traits of an entrepreneur. A lot of people have great ideas, but they don’t move forward with them. You have to have the attributes within yourself. Do more than just dream. Put your dreams into action.

Blogger, Elizabeth Robertson (left) and Hipstik's founder, Laura McGuire (right)


Coming up with a great idea is the first step in building a company, but to become a successful entrepreneur, you have to be able to put your ideas into action, overcome challenges, and keep working at it. Lucky for us, Laura and Jason have done just that! I am so happy Hipstik tights exist for women today. Being stylish and comfy at the same time is finally a real thing (thank goodness). I hope you enjoyed this series.

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