How To Choose The Hosiery for Your Holiday Outfit

The Holiday Evites are chiming in on your phone! One of my favorite parts of the holiday season, besides the Christmas cookies, of course, are the festive dresses and skirts outfits you get to bring out to wear to all the gatherings - from casual family get-togethers to dressing up for the office party. How do you choose what color legwear to wear? There are two considerations: what do you want your outfit's total vibe to be, and where do you want the focus to land?

I know in the past you skipped hosiery for the party because they squeezed and sagged all night long when you were just trying to have fun. That left you with cold, shivering legs or wearing pants #again. Those days are over. Hipstik's low-rise pretty lace design doesn't make you choose between style and comfort. So, keep your legs warm and your tummy free from the squeezing, because after all, what are the holidays without those delicious treats!?

Photography by Justin Driscoll

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