How To Put On Sheers Like A Boss

By nature, sheer hosiery is very delicate, and Hipstik Sheers are extraordinarily soft thanks to a revolutionary manufacturing process. It’s what gives you the look of smooth legs for days. An imperfection that happens in your hose is quite a bummer.

We all want to make our sheers last as long as possible before a hole, run or tear. The best way to extend the life of sheer hosiery is to follow an easy, but essential process to putting them on. I searched to see what other women did so that I can now present to you the best ideas.

  1. This might sound crazy, but when I was younger, my mom handed me a pair of fitted rubber gloves (non-powdered) and said, put these into your hosiery drawer so you’ll always have them when you put on sheers. And to this day, the gloves are there waiting for me. Wearing the gloves, I don’t have to worry about taking off my jewelry, a hangnail or dry, cracked winter hands. The backup option to gloves is removing jewelry, like rings or bracelets, and lotioning up your hands to make them soft. You could also lotion your feet, especially your heels are prone to dryness. Check your toenails to make sure the nail edges are smooth and do not need to be filed down. So, #1 is the longest part of the entire process!
  2. I then sit down on the floor. I’ve always done this. You might prefer to sit on a bedroom bench. With the gloves on (or application of lotion), put your hand inside one leg and gradually gather the leg fabric down until you get to the foot. As you gather, keep the leg straight to prevent twisting. For whatever reason, I’m right handed but always put my tights, pants and even panties on left leg first haha!
  3. Put foot inside. Gradually pull up the leg starting from the toes going up. Now’s prime time to adjust the toe seam. I’ve heard some women like the seam tucked under their toes and some like it cresting over the top of their toes.
  4. When you get the fabric past your knee I stop with that leg and I do the other leg in the same process.
  5. Then I stand up. Carefully move the fabric of one leg up to the top of your thigh, then repeat on the other side. Use both hands to gently pull up from both sides of the fabric leg, focusing on one leg then the other. Runs are more likely if you are yanking on one side.
  6. Pull up and position the lace hip band under your belly button.
  7. If there are any loose areas (which this process likely has prevented!) wet your hands with water to use for traction and gently to put into place. Try not to use your fingernails to tug out or up.
  8. Got a run? Stop it with clear nail polish. Just a little dab on the hole will do it. My mom used this on my hose for dance as a kid all the time with success. If you apply polish when you have them on, don’t forget to delicately remove the area from your skin when you go to take them off.

Don’t be shy to comment if you have any other unique techniques to putting on a pair of sheer hosiery. Would love to hear and share. Email me at or leave a comment here.

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