How Women Can Wear Professional But Comfortable Work Clothes

Photography by Justin Driscoll

Professional work clothes often aren't comfortable. For some reason, professional attire is also synonymous with being squeezed and pressed into suits and skirts, and spending the work day shifting awkwardly in your chair. With these few tips, wearing well-tailored clothes, heels and pantyhose can be a little less annoying and a whole lot more comfortable.


Skirts and Pants.

Professional wear oftentimes includes tailoring. Pant suits and pencil skirts, anyone? Check the fabric content before you buy your suits and skirts to see if your tailored looks have some stretch to them. Even tougher fabrics like tweeds can have elastane in them to make them stretch and form more comfortably around your body. Instead of going with a straight pencil skirt that can be restrictive, choose a light midi skirt and pair with a professional blazer or blouse.

High Heels.

We all know how uncomfortable heels can be. If you're like me, and pass on ballet flats for a pair of high heels, opt for a pair with a strap around the ankle. Also, use gel inserts that'll shape to the curve of your feet. Moleskin (a cotton with adhesive) will help protect problem areas.


You don't have to be uncomfortable in pantyhose. Hipstik Legwear created low-rise hosiery that doesn't squeeze at the waist. Wear pantyhose all day, with the comfort of leggings. Choose from nude and sheer black.



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