Is wearing open-toed shoes with tights okay?

For once and for all, is wearing open-toed shoes with hosiery okay? Well, the real question really is, are you comfortable? Are you going to be thinking about your toes all day and all night if you wear hosiery with sandals? Then for the sake of being able to enjoy your day, maybe choose a different shoe without piggy exposure.

In this day and age, there are so many clothing choices and combinations. Rules have gone out the window. And for good reason. We should not be hampered by fashion rules. For a good example, we should not be squeezed into control top legwear just because “they say” we must show off a smooth, flat tummy. It’s not reality. We have babies. We eat pasta. The ab machine doesn’t work no matter how many reps we do per week. No one should be controlling your toe visibility in hosiery either.

I’m with the RD fashion editors. If you love your peep-toe leopard print pump, who says you have to keep it caged during the fall and winter? Bring them out and let them crunch in the fall leaves while your toes stay warm in Hipstik opaque tights.

The most confident and comfortable do as they please. 

Abandon silly fashion rules. Mix black and brown. Wear white after Labor Day. Coco Chanel wore white year-round. Just as long as your white isn’t carelessly stained with mulled wine or the run in your old tights is taking the spotlight off your red sandals, I say, if it makes you happy, go for it!

If you need some open-hose-toe fashion inspo (and courage), look no further.




A little shy to pull off the open-toe tights trend just yet? No worries! Hipstik has Black Footless Tights ready-to-wear.

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