Nude Dance Tights: Be Stage Ready With Comfort And Durability

Nude Dance TightsNude dance tights are an essential part of every dancer's costume. Nude tights are the go-to for any type of dance because they make legs look flawless and dancers movements more fluid. Nude dance tights bring dance groups together to provide a complete look. No matter if you’re into jazz, contemporary, tap, swing, or ballroom, a pair of nude tights is going to be a must-have addition to your dance bag. But not all nude dance tights are created equally. Here's why Hipstik's nude opaque tights are beating the competition.


Nude Dance Tights

From Ballroom To Broadway

Finding the right pair of dance tights doesn’t have to be a production. Dance tights don't have to be restrictive with control tops. They shouldn't roll or slip during a performance. Here are elements to look for in your next pair of dance tights:


Check The Thickness And Durability Of Your Nude Tights

Dance tights are often thicker than a standard pair of tights because they need to withstand continuous movement. Most dance tights on the market are 60 to 70 denier. Hipstik offers a line of nude opaque tights that are 97 denier. The higher the denier, the thicker and more durable the tights will be.


Tights That Work As Hard As You Do

Dance tights must be flawless, both in their outward appearance and how they look under a leotard or dress. Dance tights have to stand up to a lot of movement, and that requires tights to stay in place without the pull and tug of traditional leg wear. Hipstik's silicone strip helps tights to stay perfectly in place during any performance. No more slipping or rolling.
nude tights - 97 denier with no-squeeze comfort waistband


Compress Your Legs Not Your Waist

Tights naturally offer comfortable compression of the legs and feet which keeps blood flowing. With better circulation, dancers are better able to feel their legs and feet so that they can engage the muscles needed for a perfect performance. Tights help keep the heat in, and warm muscles remain loose and move more freely.


Typical dance tights squish the waist which can be uncomfortable. Many tights are not designed with the dancers comfort in mind. Hipstik's revolutionary no-squeeze waistband keeps a dancer comfortable all day long. Whether at practice or at a performance, it's possible to wear tights that feel more like you're lounging in the dressing room in yoga pants than wearing performance attire. 


Look Flawless From Practice To Performance 

Every dancer knows how important every aspect of a performance is. Performers like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift wear nude dance tights for all their performances. Nude tights not only bring an aesthetically pleasing look to the stage, they also bring silky, smooth, flawless legs to every performer.


Take to the stage with confidence in style and comfort. From top name performers to first time dancers, nude tights are a top choice for every dancer.  Finding strong tights that can withstand hours on stage, will stay in place, and keep your movements fluid doesn’t have to be like looking for a needle in a haystack.


Hipstik tights stay in place, offer superior comfort, and make every pair of legs look flawless. Hipstik takes pride in accommodating dancers of all shapes and sizes with revolutionary sizing. Click here for the Hipstik sizing chart.


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