Prep For Fall Fashion

Black hosiery and booties walking in fall leaves

Fall is exciting and the reasoning is actually backed by science. It marks a significant change in scenery and temperature. From bathing suits to blanket scarves. The options for apparel are endless with layers layers layers. There’s just more to cover; it’s like getting a bigger canvas.

Here are several easy tips to get your legs fashion-ready for your first Pumpkin Latte:

Go through your hosiery drawer. Do you really wear any of those pairs with high-waisted, squeezing, uncomfortableness? Get rid of them. If you feel bad about throwing them in the trash where they belong, use them as an amazing cleaning tool for sparkling faucet handles. (Yes, you read that right.)

Replace with comfortable Hipstik tights and pantyhose. I guarantee your Hipstiks will get more visits out of your hosiery drawer this fall than any pair before them.

Examine your tights and pantyhose for holes, runs or as some call them, ladders. Hosiery is classically delicate and it’s inevitable one day they’ll accidentally get picked by a pesky splinter under the table.

Here’s an idea: Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut the holy pair just below the length of your favorite knee-high boots; use the new stocking “socks” as an extra cozy layer between your tights and boots this coming winter.

The best part of this process is that, once you own Hipstiks, fall-prepping gets easier. Being a Hipstik owner means that you’re not going to have to rotate as many out of your drawer anymore. Simply put: they're incredibly durable. Just another reason to love fall even more.

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