Prevent Runs In Tights…Here’s How

Nothing is more frustrating than getting a new pair of tights or hosiery and then immediately getting a run. Here are some tips on how to prevent runs in tights. Some are tried and true methods, and others I'm going off of the advice of others. Still, anything's worth a try if it'll prolong the life of your legwear, right?

Prevent Runs in Tights

#1 Not all tights are created equal.

Buying opaque tights over nylons will help prevent runs. A high denier tight means it's thicker and more durable. Look for tights above 40 denier. Hipstik's opaques are 97 denier which makes them super soft and strong.

#2 Fit is key.

You don't want to be over-stretching too-small tights, because you'll likely cause a run. This especially goes for more delicate styles like sheer. Hipstik takes a revolutionary approach to sizing by body shape (and height) and not weight to help get you a fit that actually fits YOU. Preventing runs is partly in the handling but mostly about getting the right size and fit for your unique shape.

#3 Pre-stretch your tights.

When your tights are new, you'll want to gently stretch them before putting them on. One unconventional way to stretch your tights is by wetting them and tossing them in the freezer. The theory behind this is that when the tights freeze, the fibers are stretched. Then once they thaw and dry, you can wear them without fear of runs. We've tried this hocus pocus but not sure if we just convinced ourselves it worked (haha) or if it actually did? Before every wear you should at least be stretching your tights with your hands.

#4 Pull tights up (slowly) beginning at the ankle first.

A sure fire way to create sudden doom for your tights is to pull them up by the waist. Before tugging on the waist, find scrunched areas and gently work them up: ankle, calf, knee, thigh, THEN hips.

#5 Wash them by hand or in a mesh bag.

Tights should be washed by hand, but if you're in a rush, you can throw them in the washing machine in a mesh bag. Keep them separate from other clothing and make sure there's nothing that will snag them like zippers. Hang your tights to dry and avoid high heat.

Pro Tip

If you do happen to get an unfortunate small run in your tights or sheers, you can paint clear nail polish over the run or spray hairspray to prevent the run from spreading. But it's better to avoid them altogether by caring for your tights. Buy good quality tights to begin with and care for them so you won't be dealing with runs very often. Hipstik Legwear is made in the USA by women.

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