Summer is Here: Have You Decided What to Wear?

Comfortable clothing is a must for the summer season, but this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion in any way.

Summer is already knocking at the door, and it’s never too early to prepare dressing for the weather because the season is going to crawl its way up the calendar and will be here before you know it. From getting tanned wearing bathing suits to partying the whole night in cute linen-cotton tank tops, summer always brings a vibrant energy to our life. And without a cool makeover, one can never truly enjoy the real vibe of the season. Scroll down for some must-have summer outfits you should add to your wardrobe. You might also want to check out for a complete tour of the world of fashion.

  1. Fabrics You Should Go After
    Fabric plays a vital role when it comes to styling. To get that desired look, choosing the right fabric should be your first priority.
    • Cotton
      Cotton is one of the best fabrics for beating the heat. Additionally, it is widely available which makes it a budget-friendly option. Cotton is soft, breathable, and lightweight; it also absorbs sweat, which allows heat to escape from your body. Apart from the comfort, cotton comes in endless styles and colors, which means there is cotton garb for every need. If you are worried about wrinkles, you can go for a cotton-polyester blend. There are also many other blends with a variety of qualities.
    • Linen
      Linen is another breathable fabric that is perfect to wear in hot weather. It is loosely woven, allowing heat to pass through easily. The fabric quickly absorbs and evaporates moisture; as a result, you stay cool and dry. It does not stick to your body as the fabric is slightly stiff. Linen also gets wrinkled easily, but unlike cotton, people take it as part of the style.
    • Rayon
      It is a man-made fabric made from wood pulp, cotton, as well as other naturally derived fibers. It was created to be a less costly alternative to silk. A prominent advantage of rayon is that it has thin fibers, which makes it more breathable than other fabrics and lightweight as well, which prevents it from sticking to the body. Rayon has always been a good choice for sportswear and summer dresses because of its comfort and cooling abilities.
    • Denim or Chambray
      Denim is also very breathable as it is made from cotton. However, it is a heavier fabric so people often prefer chambray over denim. Chambray has been described as a better version of denim with all its qualities but also lightweight.
  2. Colors to Wear
    Wearing the right colors will ensure a trendy look for your summer clothes. Here are some tips to keep up with the trends and standards set by wardrobe stylists.
    • Bright Red
      Red is often seen as Valentine’s Day or Christmas Eve color, but red is also a symbol of heat, making it perfect for summer. It is a vibrant and bold color that perfectly captures the season. What other color could express the excitement and energy that the season embodies? Summer exudes a positive and cheerful aura and a red top paired with blue denim is a very good way to show that.
    • Blush or Coral Pink
      This soft shade of pink has always been adored by girls. Blush is a neutral shade and it goes with almost anything. This light-colored pastel hue is also perfect for hot weather. So get in that frock, hang a white purse on the side, and charm the world with that feminine flair.
    • Attention-grabbing Orange
      This color can be tricky to pull off but it is trending. From celebrities and models to street stylists, everyone is humming around the shade. Also, it can be the perfect color to complement the summer sun.
    • Bold Yellow
      Summer without yellow is incomplete. It is the happiest color out there that screams summer every time you look at it. This color can instantly brighten up your mood along with those around you. So wear that bold, bright yellow dress and shimmer like sunshine.
    • Sky Blue
      Blue has a calming effect on people as it is the color of both the endless sky and vast oceans. It soothes the eye and induces a serene feeling without you even realizing the fact. And since all of us spend significant time on the beach at this time of the year, blue is certainly the color we get attracted to.
  3. White T-shirts and Shirts
    A casual white t-shirt or shirt is a must for every summer though it may not be the most exciting garment. It is one of the most versatile outfits that can be paired with nearly everything. Whether you are flaunting check pants, long or short skirts, denim jeans, khaki pants, or leggings, these staple pieces cannot go wrong.
  4. Boyfriend Jeans
    If skinny jeans are for the winter, then boyfriend jeans are summer essentials. Go for light shades on these jeans and enjoy the casual and comfy, oh-so-cool look to personify the perfect vibe this summer.
  5. Midi Dresses
    Summer is not all about mini dresses anymore. This year, the new staple is the midi. The style is elegant while allowing you to enjoy the summer breeze. The dress has you covered during the day on the beach and at night for parties.
  6. Denim Shorts
    If you still don’t have denim shorts in your closet, you should probably go shopping right away. These shorts are a perfect choice for showing off your legs. Wear it with a casual t-shirt and sneakers for an adorable casual look or with a shirt and leather boots for a bit of a classier look.
  7. Maxi Long Dress
    Tight-fitting clothing can be disastrous on a hot summer day. The thought of your clothes sticking to your body already makes me sweat. I guess this is why the maxi dress has always been a popular summer choice. This long, soft, and gusty dress is everything you need to beat the heat.
  8. Accessories
    • Sunglasses
      Summer without sunglasses is like a boat without an oar. I know it can be hard to find the perfect sunglasses, but try going for the ones that suit your face shape the most. It doesn’t matter if it's an aviator or a cool cat-eye frame, just be confident while wearing them and the stage is all yours.
    • Carry-all Tote
      Summer is the perfect time to wear vibrant carry-all totes. These spacious light bags make it easier to roam around with your phone, wallet, makeup, and water bottles. Going to the beach? Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and beach glasses.
    • Colorful Crossbody Bag
      A summer wardrobe is incomplete without varied colors. A chic crossbody bag will always compliment your brightly-colored summer outfit. It doesn’t matter if it's red blue or yellow; just wrap it around your arm and watch it enhance your overall look.
    • Straw Hat
      There’s always a solution when it comes to fashion. Protecting your skin from the scorching sun doesn’t have to be boring. Just grab a straw hat before going to the beach or on a picnic and add that final finishing touch to your ultimate summer look.
  9. Footwear
    • Ballet Flat Shoes
      This breathable footwear is ideal for summer. Ballet flats have always been a mark of elegance and comfort. Wear it with jeans or a skirt; a pair of black shoes will never fail to amaze you. Don’t miss out on all the other color options too.
    • Slides or Flip-flops
      They have been the go-to option for daily outings since they came out. No matter if you are wearing a midi dress, maxi dress, or t-shirts, slides have you covered.
  10. Sheer Pantyhose
    Sheer pantyhose are mandatory to wear in the summer because of their many benefits. They prevent friction from your thighs rubbing together, saving you from day-long irritation. It also protects your feet from shoe rashes, as well as makes your outfit look more professional. Match it with your skin tone and rock those short skirts on a sunny day.

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