Best Sheer Pantyhose for Mothers of the Bride and Groom in the Wedding Party


Mother of the Bride

Your loving daughter or son just shared the wonderful news! THEY'RE GETTING MARRIED! Hello to your new important role: Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom. In the midst of the mile-long "to do" list for them, you'll also need to consider your own attire! Grandmothers are also so special and have a similar task.


This is a big day in your life, too, to enjoy every minute making memories, not fretting with your attire.  


You'll be part of the processional down the aisle and a spotlight on the dance floor. Your legs will be seen by all. For some, this visibility is daunting. You want to look your best, but most of all, feel your best because the most important thing a woman wears is confidence. 

How To Dress Your Best in the Wedding Party: 

    1. Skip the dreaded, uncomfortable shapewear garments. Instead, select the dress style and cut that is best fitted for your unique body shape. Not only will this trick make you look more stylish, but it will also make you comfortable and ultimately happier throughout the day. You'll be a pro after reading this How To Dress For Your Body Type article with examples. Tip: If the bride is choosing the dress style of the wedding party, gently help guide her in the benefits of dressing for body shape. She (and the wedding party) will thank you for this sage style advice!
    2. Alterations are not just for the wedding dress. The best money spent is getting your dress perfect for your height and measurements. 
    3. Whether the wedding is formal or semi-casual, no matter the season or dress length, Hipstik Sheer Pantyhose will make your legs look amazing and youthful. Sheers are like makeup for your legs, hiding imperfections and smoothing – but most of all, building your confidence at any age. Hipstik is available in seven sizes through women's 24, plus sizes included.
    4. Another bonus feature of wearing sheers: if it's an outdoor wedding or there's dancing involved, you totally avoid painful thigh chafing!
    5. Nude is the go-to sheers for this occasion. Hipstik Legwear's sheer pantyhose come in four nude colors to suit a variety of skin tones: Light, Medium, Caramel, and Coffee. Selecting a color is much like selecting makeup foundation. You want your legs to look natural and not too different than other skin showing, like your arms. If you want to give yourself a natural tan or glow, go one shade darker than your tone. If it's a spring wedding and you're wearing pastel colors, a lighter shade gives you a royal look.
    1. Black Sheer is also a popular choice among wedding-goers especially in the fall and winter months. Dresses with jewels or sparkle pair well with Black Sheer legs, which also do well hiding flaws. 
    2. Open or closed-toe shoes: there are no longer any rules that forbid a certain shoe with pantyhose so select your favorite (and don't forget to break them in by wearing them around before the big day)!
    3. Choose pantyhose that don't roll down or dig in so you're able to enjoy all the delicious treats and dance the night away. Hipstik's stretchy comfort lace top fits your shape and the silicone stick strip keeps them right where you put them – no awkward moments having to shimmy them up during the celebration. 

Congratulations is in order for you!

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