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When and How to Wear Pantyhose For Work


Some jobs require pantyhose in their dress codes year-around. In banking, law, hospitality and a host of other careers, pantyhose may be a part of your work attire.

When and how to wear pantyhose to work:


If you’re wearing a skirt to an interview, it’s best to err on the side of caution and wear pantyhose. It’s always better to overdress than underdress for an interview, especially if you don’t know the company dress code. 

Big Meeting.

Do you have a big meeting or a presentation? That's a good time to wear pantyhose. Opt for nude pantyhose with your business suit to power dress. For mid-level meetings, you can wear them if you want or if your dress code requires it.

Colors and Patterns.

What color sheers are appropriate for work? Stick to neutrals for work to keep your look professional. Nudes, blacks, and greys are all good choices. Avoid patterned hosiery for work; those are for leisure time.

When To Go Opaque.

Opaques are better for business casual rather than business professional wear. When the weather cools, it can be fun to pair business casual skirts and dresses with an assortment of tights.

Be comfortable.


There’s no sense in having to work all day in pantyhose that squeeze and press in all the wrong places. Opt for more comfortable pantyhose that sit on the hips. Hipstik has true low-rise hosiery, for a soft, comfortable fit. 

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