How To Dress Like a French Woman

Real Customer Submission Photo: It's Zoe in Hipstik in Paris!

It’s no surprise that the French are some of the most fashionable in the world. On a recent trip to France this winter, I noticed how put together all of the women are: stylish, but simple and understated. Nothing about how they looked felt overdone – it all seemed so right. As an American looking in, I want to feel this good, and for me, it starts with my outfit. I cannot even count the number of times an outfit has thrown off my day.

Things I saw in France: plenty of black, navy, white, and ecru. There were many boots, ballet flats, and black tights. Tights, tights, tights (and no, I do not mean leggings).

Back in the U.S., I could see how many of us value comfort (me included). While French women love their tights, Americans love their leggings. Enter Hipstik: tights that have the so comfortable* feel of leggings, but look so stylish (think French!) on all women.


*So comfortable that you may even want to keep them on after the work day is over, take them for a spin on a non-work day (photo to prove you can play in these things), or even take a nap in them. They are just that good. With Hipstik, you can have it all: the ultra comfortable feel of leggings with the ultra style of tights.

You can play in these things:

While wearing my Hipstiks, I jumped around, took a walk on a trail, walked up a hill, sat in the grass. My favorite part? I felt très bon (very good) about myself and never once had to pull them back up!


Dress: Caron Callahan / tights: black Hipstik / ballet flats: See by Chloé


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