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The Hipstik Story

It all started with a pair of scissors. Founder, Laura McGuire, was cutting down the front of her tights and pantyhose her whole life to be able to breathe while wearing them. She came to find out many women were resorting to this hack to get comfortable with frustrating results when they didn’t stay up. She worked in the hosiery section at a major department store in the early 2000s and uncovered just how confused customers were about buying the right size. After years of trying on dozens of styles and brands she found the largest size was too small – the tug, pull, and irritating squeeze. The waist always too high – why is a “control top” the only style available?! Just the name “tights” is a turnoff.

Then she had the light-bulb moment about how to design a pair with a stretchy, no-roll top that fits, flatters, and doesn’t squeeze. Hipstik Legwear is design and fit-tested by women of all sizes and body shapes. Size-by-weight has been a major problem in hosiery design. We fixed that. It has been a crusade for comfort for all body shapes in a product category that has never ever been comfortable. Check out Laura’s journey story on LA Fashion.

And here we are – Hipstik Legwear are the tights you actually want to wear – so astonishingly comfortable, they will make your day happier, too.

Hip Hip Hooray Facts:

  • Hipstik Legwear is woman-founded and women-made in the USA in North Carolina
  • New York Times announced that Hipstik is a favorite of the Hollywood crowd
  • PureWow named Hipstik one of the “Best Nude Tights for Women of All Skin Tones” in 2021
  • Good Housekeeping named Hipstik one of the Best Tights of 2019
  • Real Simple named Hipstik a Best Product of 2018
  • Hollywood costume designer and writer for New York Magazine recommends Hipstik Nude Pantyhose to make actresses’ legs look amazing
  • The topmost common words used to describe Hipstik in real customer reviews are: “LOVE” and “COMFORTABLE”

Laura McGuire

Laura McGuire

Laura's Favorite Hipstiks

Semi-Opaque Tights In Black With Comfortable Low Rise Luxe Waistband

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