Accentuating Your Best Features by Dressing for Your Body Shape

Written by Guest Blogger: Amber Spinner


Among the things that continue to baffle women around the world is the increasing difficulty of finding clothes that fit them perfectly. We’ve all heard of brands that boast how their clothes are made for women of all shapes and sizes, and yet, their sizing remains to be vague and rather discriminatory. ‘Clothing Manufacturers Should Size by Body Shape’ because the standard alphabetical and numerical sizes reveal little about how clothes will fit women. To make things even worse, the clothing industry is still using vanity sizing – the practice of labeling clothes with sizes smaller than the items’ real measurements, inconsistent with the size the industry standards would otherwise indicate.

This insane practice makes it incredibly challenging for women to find clothes that fit them in such a way that flatters their figure. While the choice of having your clothes tailored is always there, it can be a costly investment and time-consuming.

One size never fit all. No matter your body shape, there’s a fun way to style it that accentuates your curves and personality. Shopping the silhouettes and lines that have your body shape in mind will help ease the frustration of uncomfortable outfits. 

Hipstik Legwear is the first product of its kind to size by women's body shapes for a better fit and ultimate comfort. Not sizing the traditional way is working because less than 1% of Hipstik customers ask to exchange for a different size! Getting a perfect fit the first time is a sizing phenomenon!

Along with a great pair of body-shape fitting Hipstik Legwear, here are some of the outfit choices you can make to accentuate your figure’s best features in spite of the unbelievable way the majority of clothes are sized.

For Hourglass-Shaped Bodies

Hour Glass Shaped WomanWhile the hourglass figure is widely known as the body shape that works well with most articles of clothing, looking for clothes that fit perfectly can still be a tough task. After all, body shapes come in different sizes. If you are a petite woman with an hourglass figure, PrettyMe’s guide to the different kinds of dresses recommends going for clothes that will elongate your legs, have vertical lines that will make you look taller and are form-fitting. If you, on the other hand, are a tall gal with an hourglass figure, go for high-waisted bottoms and belted dresses that emphasize your waist.

For Rectangle-Shaped Bodies

Rectangle Body ShapeLooking for clothes that flatter rectangle-shaped bodies can seem like a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have a rectangle-shaped body, all you have to do is pay a little more attention to the details that your clothes have. For instance, to achieve a curvier figure, try going for tops that are nipped or cinched at the waist and end near the hip. These types of tops play beautifully with many skirt silhouettes, like the famous knee-length pencil skirt, perfect for the woman with equal hip and waist measurements. Show off your legs in a pair of Hipstik Nude Sheers that match your skin tone. See many fabulous outfit combinations at 40+ Style

For Triangle-Shaped Bodies

If you are someone who is blessed with a well-defined hip and bum, A-line dresses could be something you can count on. They're perfect in highlighting your narrow waist and slim shoulders without drawing much attention to your hips. Embellished tops that lure the eyes to the shoulders will also be your friend, since they help balance out your curvy bottom half with more volume on top. Don’t forget to have fun with your shoes!

For V-Shape Bodies

V Body ShapeIn contrast to women who have triangle-shaped bodies, those who boast V-shaped ones have to stick to minimalistic tops and highly detailed bottoms – this is where your legwear can sing! Hipstik’s new vertical ribbed tights were practically made for the V-shape woman. This simple trick will help take the focus away from your upper body, give more definition to the hips and create balance. When it comes to tops, Style Craze’s guide to picking the right clothes for your body shape proposes going for simplistic tops that have V-neck lines to create the illusion of narrow shoulders.

For O-Shape Bodies

O Body ShapeO-shape also goes by the name apple and it is to be celebrated. Easy tips include adding length to elongate the body, defining your silhouette with structured pieces, and highlighting your absolutely favorite features, like your incredible head-turning legs! It’s no wonder Hipstik Legwear’s best selling sizes are for the O-shape. When shopping for dresses, don’t shy away from unique sleeve styles and necklines, color blocking, or slit skirts.

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