The Guaranteed Anti-Chafing Solution

Let’s get to the bottom of super uncomfortable thigh rub. For many of us, the issue of thighs rubbing is irritating, annoying, and seriously painful. This is especially true in the warmer months, like in the summertime, when the problem gets exacerbated. Higher temperatures bring on sweat which leads to pain and suffering. We’ve all tried everything from creams to shapewear to homemade elastic bands, even deodorant! These so-called anti-chafing “solutions” all come with major downsides.

We truly love hearing from our customers and learning what brought them to Hipstik Legwear. Over the years, so many women have shared their stories of "chub rub" in dresses, skirts, and shorts and the superior solution for them year-round is Hipstik Sheer Nude Pantyhose. Let’s talk about the five reasons why Hipstik Legwear is the guaranteed anti-chafing solution:  

1. Comfort: Our Sheers are first of all comfortable. Total comfort is the key to finding a solution for thigh chafing.

2. Wearability: Hipstik Legwear provides a layer between you and your clothing so that your clothes wear better and give you a superior fit. Because of this, a great pair of our sheers work for you, keeping your tender thigh skin from rubbing together uncomfortably. We want to wear all our fun outfits and rubbing should not prevent us from it, forcing us into only pants all the time – that’s no fun. Check out stylish summer outfit inspiration.  

3. Design: Our design is female-first. We’re created by a woman (read her story here) based on her own pain and suffering along with many women’s feedback of what they wanted to change about tights and pantyhose. We cradle your curves and fit you like they were custom made for your body shape, because our sizing is! Hipstik’s comfort top is unique, made of a super stretchy lovely lace band that stays in place with a non-slip silicone strip. Learn more about the magic of Hipstik

4. Breathability: Our lightweight and super comfy sheers are absolutely NOT shapewear. Many women say they forget they even have them on! Hipstik Sheers have a durable, yet breathable “bike short” which is where the anti-chafing magic is. Our sheer legs feel luxurious while giving you the added benefit of smooth, “airbrushed” legs in your skin tone, why Kate Middleton wears sheers every day.

Smooth legs Hipstik Legwear Anti Chafing Solution

Wow! Bare leg on the left vs. Hipstik Sheer on the right.

5. Problem Solving: Bands on the market, or one you might makeshift yourself, provide an awkward experience where some customers share that it’s strange having the thigh covered in just a strip where air is hitting between her underwear and the bands. Creams that melt off you and bands that roll down don’t make you feel sexy. Hipstik Legwear’s luxurious feel and lace top is the sexy secret in total comfort, guaranteed to be your go-to thigh chafing solution for all seasons. The concept is so simple, yet has so many functional benefits, including getting rid of constantly thinking about your thighs and dealing with the painful aftermath of the constant battle with rubbing.

    Hipstik Legwear is a small investment to tackle multiple solutions. We’d love to hear your experience and how sheers rocked your summer. Share this news of the guaranteed “chub rub” problem solver with the women in your life!

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