Waistband Free Tights Mean No Uncomfortable Bellies


waistband free tights no more squeezingWe've all been there, squeezed into a pair of uncomfortable tights that push on our abdomens. Not only is it uncomfortable, but there are certain circumstances where people have sensitive bellies and that just won't do. That's why it was so important to come up with waistband free tights that rest on the hips. From customers who've had abdominal surgeries to new mothers, Hipstik's had people reach out in gratitude for providing tights they can wear comfortably. Here are some of their stories. 

Waistband Free Tights: No Uncomfortable Bellies 

Belinda's story:

“I ordered a pair of your tights several months ago and right after I received them I broke my knee cap and was unable to even try them on until recently. I love them. I have had several abdominal surgeries and have a lot of gastric problems but these tights do not hurt my tummy."

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Jamie's story:

“After having my last baby, there was only one brand of tights I was willing to wear. Where other tights would push and create bulges, leaving an uncomfortable line on an already sensitive belly, Hipstik tights laid on my hips without pushing or tugging. It's the only kind of tights I ever want to wear again.” 


An Anonymous Reviewer:

"I am unable to wear any waistband near my stomach without suffering horrible pain. These fit below and have a little rubber inside so they never slip down. They also don’t cut into your skin leaving you with weird muffin top like rolls." 

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Hipstik's Story:

Many more women have reached out with similar stories. In fact, Hipstik was created after its founder, Laura, came home from work one day with a scissor-sized cut down her pantyhose. “What happened there?” her husband asked. "They're so uncomfortable so I cut them in the bathroom at the office!” she said. After a good laugh and throwing the ruined pair of hosiery in the trash, she set out on a mission to find comfortable tights. But they all tugged, pulled, irritated, and squeezed. So that's when she decided she would create her own waistband free tights. That's how Hipstik began, and its provided true low rise tights that don't press on the waist ever since.

Do you have issues with tights pushing on your waist? Share your story with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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