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Anti chafing solution - Hipstik Legwear

The Guaranteed Anti-Chafing Solution

The issue of thighs rubbing is irritating, annoying, and seriously painful. This is especially true in the warmer months, like in the summertime, where the problem is exasperated. Higher temperatures bring on sweat which leads to pain and suffering. We’ve tried everything and have the anti-chafing solution to share with you.
How To Find My Fit and Size In Hipstik

How To Find My Fit and Size In Hipstik

We're here to help find the perfect fit for you. We size differently by body shape, NOT weight like most. Body Shape + Height = Your Hipstik Size. Hipstik comes in 7 sizes, including plus. Hipstik's lace band goes AROUND your natural shape (vs. a tubular style design that has nowhere to go but dastardly...
7 Myths Debunked About Hipstik’s Low Rise Tights

7 Myths Debunked About Hipstik’s Low Rise Tights

Before the idea came to me for the Hipstik design, I’d tried my fair share of so-called “low rise” tights. I’d become quite the skeptic, which actually helped me to create the best pair possible. Let my experience debunk what you may be thinking. 
Hipstik Size Chart

Why All Clothing Manufacturers Should Size by Body Shape

As a woman, I often feel frustrated by typical off-the-shelf clothing sizes, and I'm sure you do, too. The standard numerical sizes 2, 8, 14, etc. reveal almost nothing about how the garment will actually fit me as a labeled size 10 woman. And don’t get me started on Small, Medium, XL. How many of...