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What to Wear with Grey Tights: Grey is the New Black


Grey or Gray? Either way, it's the new black. No, really. If you want to pair your dresses, skirts, and even shorts with neutral tights, opting for gray over black can lighten up your look and give it a chic edge. Grey is a neutral color which means pairing opportunities are endless. If you’re wondering what to wear with grey tights, here are a few combinations to emulate. 

What to Wear with Grey Tights

Gray with Grey Tights

The monochromatic look can be quite beautiful, just be sure to add a pop of color with your coats, shoes, and accessories.

Light Blues or Dark Blues with Grey Tights 

Since grey tends to carry subtle blue tones, it’s a perfect match for your blue outfits.

Black with Grey Tights

Lighten up all that black by choosing gray tights to go with your black frock. Black on black can look like you’re going to a funeral; so instead of wearing black tights, trade them out for grey.

Pink with Grey Tights

Light pink and grey is one of my favorite combinations. Inspiration of this can be found in home decor magazines, a popular choice of designers. Choose to look pretty in pink with a light pink top or coat and pair it with a grey skirt and grey tights.


gray tights with burgundy skirt - what to wear with gray tights

Red with Grey Tights

Red is such a powerful bold color and if you’re going for drama, black tights are the way to go. But if you’re looking to soften the boldness, pair your grey tights with your red tones instead.

Yellow with Gray Tights

In recent years, yellow and gray has become a hit color combination in fashion. Gray and yellow can create a beautiful, standout color palette. 

Gray tights can be a wardrobe staple. So if you’re wanting to branch out from classic black tights to mix it up, grey tights is the way to go with so many outfit options.


Black still your go-to? Click for cute outfits to wear with black tights.


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